Old policies

We've just taken on a new client who holds some shares that he inherited from his father who originally purchased them in 1942!

Anyone got any similarly agéd holdings out there?


  • JonaJona Member

    Is this for a CGT calc?
    The client will have a share base cost as at the date of the father's death - which may be considerably more recent than 1942.

  • Simple curiosity I'm afraid.

    All tax calculations are under control ;)

  • I had one recently, I forget the fund manager, where the records didn't go far back enough to show when the fund was purchased and/or the cost price.

    We had to guesstimate the purchase date and manually look up the cost price on that day.

    Their records went back to the 70s (our client purchased them before) but I think 1942 was probably still earlier.

  • I thought holding you had pre 1982 were 'sold and bought back' as at 31/3/1982 and that is assumed date of acquisition?

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