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I've recently completed the CII's DipPFS, and am looking at studying for a Level 6 pension transfer qualification. My employer will fund the LIBF's Level 6 pension transfer exam, and offers a lot of support for it (seminars, study groups etc). They'll also fund AF7, but with less support (possibly a one-off workshop, not sure if there'd be any more than that).

I've been "properly" paraplanning for about a year and a half, and have written a few DB transfer cases, which has helped me become more familiar with TVCs (and previously TVASs) - I think I'm developing a reasonable understanding through this, which would help with my studies.

I'm leaning towards going down the LIBF route because of the greater level of support offered by my employer. My only concern is whether the LIBF's exam is as well-regarded as AF7 - what do people think?


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  • AF7 - If you are already doing TVAS/TVCs and understand what's going on behind them - you'll be fine on that section of the syllabus.

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    @Jona said:
    AF7 - If you are already doing TVAS/TVCs and understand what's going on behind them - you'll be fine on that section of the syllabus.

    Thanks Jona. I haven't keyed TVAS/TVCs myself - the advisers prepare them - but I check the inputs against the info we've received from the schemes, and thoroughly read through the reports before I start writing the suitability letters. I think I have a reasonable understanding of how TVASs/TVCs work from this... Might see if I can key a few myself to improve my knowledge!

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  • I would recommend extending your period of study significantly for AF7, it can take years of experience to nail an AF7 exam. The firm I work for specialise in pension transfers, we historically have handled a lot of pension transfer cases. Our pension transfer specialists who hold the AF3 qualification and previous pension transfer certificate took a few attempts to pass the exam. Whilst TVAS/TVS are within the syllabus be prepared for curve balls such as Bypass Trusts etc.

    Good luck!

  • I still find that comment about bypass trusts being a curveball rather strange - I sat the last exam so remember the question being asked. Was it really that much of a curveball? The question in the J05 exam the day before about Bereavement Support Payment I felt was more of a curveball!

  • Extreme bump: I took AF7 in April, and passed - v pleased with that! I had some help from an excellent prep course by L&D Digital (and their similarly excellent support material). I also did a lot more work on DB transfer cases over the last few months, including keying TVCs myself, which I think really helped with my understanding as well. I'm glad I stuck with the CII route - it feels more consistent having all my qualifications with one provider (whether that actually means anything in reality!).

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    Congratulations Eleanor. :)

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