Looking for paraplanning advice!

Hi All,

I'm looking to understand the activities a freelance Paraplanner or Paraplanning agency can perform for a non FCA regulated business:
  1. In general which services can you provide? (appreciate this is dependant on Quals. achieved)
  2. Are freelance paraplanners typically qualified/registered with FCA compliance themselves - CF30?
  3. Are you able to sign-off on financial planning (general cash flow modelling & creating financial action plans)
  4. Would it be more cost effective to work with a Paraplanner to create a financial action plan for myself, over a registered CFP?
I'd love to talk to any freelance paraplanners who can run me through their service offering as per the above. Please feel free to either reply here or email me at jtradex@gmail.com if you're open to freelance opportunities.

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