Moving into a Paraplanning Role

Hi all,

An Independent Financial Adviser friend of mine has kindly offered to help me with a possible Paraplanner role as she sees me as a good fit. We are London based.
I am coming from a customer service role as a very different career into Paraplanning. I do not have any qualifications yet, though I do help people with basic financial research and supportive resources.
I have taken an active interest in my own investments and Iā€™m motivated to now help others who are coming from debt towards financial independence.
My friend has invited me to her office in a couple of weeks to meet the rest of her team of fellow IFAs.
I am unfamiliar with much of the jargon and the types of analytic software that gets referenced quite a lot.
Would anyone with Paraplanning experience be willing to chat or to share for a while to give me some perspective on what the role means to them and how they have found it?
Any tips or advice would be most welcome too.
Thank you good people!


  • Hi Andy

    Welcome to paraplanning!

    I'm not London based but happy to share what I can. There are plenty of resources out there to help you get started and find out what paraplanning is all about.

    The PFS Paraplanner panel have recently started on a Paraplanner Pathway to help people get started in the profession. They have done a mini movie and will be publishing a booklet soon on this. They also have a Facebook page which you may want to have a look at as this gives more info on what they're up to, any events they have going on etc. There are more details on this here: https://paraplannerspowwow.co.uk/paraplanner-pathway/

    They are also on Twitter @PFSParaplanHQ if you want to give them a follow.

    There is also an apprenticeship in paraplanning. Even if you don't go down this route, the standard for this gives you a good guide on the sort of role it is, what you could be doing, the exams you could / should take. There is also a range of links on there of where you can look for more help, who offers these apprenticeships and the assessment plan for it, which you may find useful.

    Coming on here is also a really good start! There are heaps of people on here who will be happy to help you and lots will be London based, I'm sure.

    I would also keep your eyes peeled for events to go out and meet other paraplanners. The Powwows and Mini Powwows are great for this, https://paraplannerspowwow.co.uk/events/

    but there are quite a few events for paraplanners now with the PFS< Professional Paraplanner magazine


    and some providers also do events. It's probably worth signing up to Professional Paraplanner as well as they have lots of really good articles and Paraplanner profiles you could read that tell all of the different ways people got into the profession, what they do, why they do it, and all the other things it can lead on to:


    There was also recently a whole section dedicated to paraplanning in IFA magazine that you may want to check out:


    There are several different articles covering many aspects of paraplanning, from what it is, it's place in Financial Planning, recruitment, etc. It's quite a good read.

    Quite a few providers also have resources for paraplanners that are very useful:



    I've just realised that is a huge amount of information in one go so sorry for the overload! Hopefully it will point you in the right direction though and give you a bit of help finding out if it is for you and getting started if it is!

    Caroline šŸ˜Š

  • That is so helpful Caroline. I appreciate the superb advice and list of resources that you have provided, thank you so much for your consideration and for sharing your experience here.
    I have already been to a PFS event and will be going to a Powwow event on 27th November to explore this some more. I have a meeting with the IFA team tomorrow to discuss the potential Paraplanner role for me. Your help and support is going a long way to making that an enjoyable and rewarding meeting now that I have something more to contribute.
    Andy :blush:

  • You are very welcome! There is also this now:


    It has been put together by the PFS paraplanner panel, it will hopefully give you a little more useful information and support in getting started.

    If you have any other questions though, please feel free to just get in touch. :)

  • Hi Everyone,
    Its great to be here. I am new to Para planning. Am based in Essex and there are no courses that run here. Can anyone help. I am also looking to do some internship along with my certification so that I can get some understanding of the entire field of Para planning. Pleasew advise.

  • CaroCaro Member

    Hi Grishm

    Welcome to Paraplanning and the the Big Tent.

    There are increasingly more resources available to new paraplanners and those just getting into the profession.

    The PFS booklet I've talked about above is hopefully helpful: https://www.ciistepforward.co.uk/resource/download/9

    It has been put together by the PFS paraplanner panel, it will hopefully give you a little more useful information and support in getting started.

    There are also now Paraplanning Apprenticeships that may be of interest to you:


    New Model Business Academy has some currently taking applications now.


    I'm not sure about courses but these are a structured programme including the exams you need to get you started so could be worth a look.

    Hopefully this will start you on your way, but also have a read of the other two questions on this stream which have a bit more info.

    Any probs, just shout up! :)

  • Hi Grishm. Where are you based? There might be some courses happening around your way that we can point you to?

  • Not sure if this is of any help to you, but my colleague and I are both doing a Paraplanner apprenticeship. It encompasses R01, R02, R03 and J09 over two years. It's predominantly self-guided study but a good way to keep on track to getting the exams done at a pace. Maybe this is something your employers could look at with regard to training?

  • @Grishm there's a new course recently announced that might be of interest. It's a mix of London based training days and online. The Regulated Diploma in Financial Planning is the end qualification but you also get training on other areas useful to paraplanning.


  • Is there anything like this available for Paraplanners in Scotland?

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