Help will always be given at the Powwow to those who ask for it...

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Hello there to everyone and apologies for my blatant theft of JK Rowling there!

For anyone who is new to paraplanning, financial planning or just our profession in general, firstly congrats on choosing a fab career and secondly, congrats on being a super smart cookie and joining the Big Tent.

This is the best place there is to get help on every aspect of paraplanning, from when your just starting out and aren't sure of where to go for the best resources or support to get you started, to those who have been at it a while and are looking for more techy help.

One of the things out there to help newcomers to the paraplanning party is the Personal Finance Society's Paraplanner Pathways. This was put together by their Paraplanner Panel and is a useful little guide to help you get going on your paraplanning journey. The links can be found on the Paraplanners Powwow website here:

The Panel are working on more stuff too so keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Welcome to the gang and if you need help, just give anyone here a holler! :)


  • MisperMisper Member

    Hi there, my name is Michelle and i am completely new to the Financial Services Industry. I sat R02 on Friday and was unsuccessful (much prefer using that word than the Fail... word). Has anyone please got any advice on the best way to pass this as i have to resit in 10 weeks. Any courses local to Shropshire anyone knows about would appreciate finding out about that may assist, thank you all very much, Michelle.

  • Big ChiefBig Chief Administrator

    Hi @Misper

    Welcome :-)

    Have you taken a look at the CPD & Exams category? There may be a few pointers there that are helpful.

    Good luck.

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