Hornbuckle Mitchell

Be aware - we had two people ask how much of a client's LTA had been used. Hornbuckle (the only company they have BCEs with) gave us a very wrong answer both times - but we didn't believe them - thankfully. We eventually got through to the drawdown team who were able to confirm the correct amount, but if this hadn't been an experienced paraplanner asking the question, well. At one point, they asked us to send them our evidence!


  • did you find out how they got it wrong?

  • Seems to be a system problem at their front end call centre. They only seemed to have the 4th BCE on their records but once we finally got through to the drawdown team, they were able to confirm the correct figure.

    Big concern if we taken on a Hornbuckle client or if it was an inexperienced person asking the question.

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