FinaMetrica and cross referrencing to Defaqto and or FE Analytics


I was speaking to one of the Defaqto trainers recently about their Engage software. 

They mentioned that while their system can't provide a list of funds that map to FinaMetrica (we use FinaMetrica for Risk Profiling), if we use the FinaMetrica Mapping for Defaqto's model portfolios, and then search using that (e.g. we search for funds with a Defaqto score of 3 for a client who has a FinaMetrica score of between 44-55 as per the mappings), we would be able to access a list of funds that are effectively mapped to FinaMetrica.

This sounds great as it would give us access to a wider range of funds that we could consider for clients than the ones that appear on FinaMetrica's website.

However as it sounds a bit too easy for Financial Services, I thought I would check here to see if there were any downsides. 

Does anyone else do this and are there any drawbacks with this approach that we should be aware of?

Also is there a way of mapping the FE Risk Scores to FinaMetrica that anyone is aware of?




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