Income Protection for professional sports people


Does anyone know of any products/providers that would consider income protection for professional sports people (footballers and rugby players), even if only on an ADL basis? My initial enquiries suggests some providers will look at footballers on ADL basis, but won't touch rugby players.



Jonny (paraflex)


  • Minefield. We stopped doing professional sports years ago because the specialist brokers were much much better. At that time though we had medical insurance for a football team and a rep dance company. The IP was declined on a cost basis by the employers (both were schemes) but I can't recall who we approached. Aviva and BUPA were the medical providers, so they might have brought their expertise to IP bearing in mind the amalgamation of providers?

  • "Minefield" Haha! That seems to be a recurring theme with anything to do with sports people!

    We've got our own specialist sport team and in-house insurance brokers which does make this all slightly easier, but still looking like a bit of can of worms I've opened. We haven't got any full teams, just individuals, but it's going to be a bit of a bespoke approach by the look of things anyway.

    Given me a few things to think about though so thanks :-)

    Jonny (paraflex)
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