Iress Xplan - Good, Bad & Ugly


My firm are thinking of changing from Intelligent Office to Iress xplan, does anyone have any feedback on xplan good, bad or ugly.

Anything would be useful as I know demo's look great but often the real world can be different


  • Awful. Had to use it whilst working for an Intrinsic member firm. It just wasn't very intuitive and seemed to me to be more suited to very transactional type business models (which might be what you're after!).

    I certainly wouldn't move from iO to xplan.
    Jonny (paraflex)
  • We moved from Adviser Office to XPLAN in November and are having all sorts of problems with it. The valuation system doesn't work, it doesn;t seem to recognise drawdown plans and it basically comes across as a half finished job. Maybe it's because we are quite a small firm but the training and support has been pretty average.
  • We looked when we made the move to Intelligent Office but it was in separate parts and income didn't link up with the database. Seemed a bit clunky for us. 
  • ParaPParaP Member

    We are looking to move from XPLAN to IO, can I ask why you are looking to move from IO @rdimbleby118?  

    We are definitely not using XPLAN to its full capability and are undecided whether it’s worth investing the time to build XPLAN to be robust or to just move to IO.

    I know a back office system is only as good as you make it, so worried that moving to IO would not make a difference.

    @Gustavo_Fring We are having problems with the valuation system too. 

  • My experience of XPlan is largely good.

    However, that is down to the huge amount of time and effort one of my former colleagues spent in making it work. The way it was fully integrated into our processes made life really easy but the journey there was long and painful!

    It wasn't without its problems and I remember cursing it quite often but, when it worked well, it was good.

    We never used the cashflow side of it so I can't comment on that.
  • ParaPParaP Member
    Hi @amarshall do you use threads within XPLAN?

  • @ParaP ; It was at my previous company that I used XPlan. Yes, we used threads and they were the best bit of it. Fantastic for managing processes and workflow but complicated to set up!
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