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I'm doing a report whereby the IFA wants to use LGT Vestra's Wealth MPS for the clients ISA investment. He's met with Vesta, and has used them before....just wasn't sure what other research needs to be on file to show why he has recommended them over other investment strategies?

I can't find their MPS portfolios on synaptics or FE Analytics to do comparison reports. 

Many thanks in advance!


  • It takes a bit of time but you can get the LGT Vestra MPS on FE if you go to the transmission option - you have to request access to them and it can take a bit of time before they become available. They then appear under your portfolios.

  • In terms of other research, assuming they are not already part of the firms centralised investment proposition (CIP) - which it sounds like they aren't - then you'd have to treat this as a standalone case. In which case you need to have research on file that would 'answer' the following types of questions:
    • Why have you recommended an MPS instead of other investment solutions (advisory model portfolios, managed/multi-asset funds, FoF/MoM, full DFM etc) i.e. what is it about MPS that you believe is suitable for this particular clients circumstances and objectives?
    • Why have you selected LGT Vestra Wealth MPS out of the numerous other MPS options available i.e. what is it about their offering that you believe is suitable for this client?
    The point is, you shouldn't be doing this kind of research for every case, instead you should be able to refer to centralised research that sets out what your firms 'beliefs' are when it comes to investment management and what investment solutions you believe would be suitable for the majority of your clients. A good place to start is FSA's FG12-16 'Replacement business and centralised investment propositions'.

    Jonny (paraflex)
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