Lost Pension Protection Certificate


I have some clients who are looking to access TFC in a hurry but have misplaced their protection certificates and the scheme wont pay out without sight of them. Doe anyone know the quickest way of getting hold of replacements? Been on the phone for 1hr 56mins so far this morning and have got nowhere....!



  • richallumrichallum Administrator
    Don't think anyone has found a quick way.  There was a thread on this recently here.

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  • 6 hours, 7 phone numbers (2 of them no longer working) conversations with TPAS, MAS and multiple HMRC departments and Ive got it so Im saving the detials here to save anyone else a similar feat!

    Pension Scheme Services: 0300 123 1079, option 7 then option 5

    thank me later!
  • Update........not option 7 anymore - option 2
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