Aviva pension contribution histories black hole

Hi all

Anyone come across Aviva refusing to provide details of PIPs and pension contribution histories further back than 2 years? I've got 3 clients who've made regular and ad-hoc contributions to EPPs for years and trying to work out if they have carry forward annual allowance available.  I'm kinda snookered if Aviva refuse to give me the info.  :s

Am I going to need to resort to putting in a complaint do you think?
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  • Ah but, is it an Aviva pension? Chances are if it was from one of the merged providers Aviva may not even have the records.

    Would certainly pursue this vigorously as I would have thought they have a regulatory responsibility for keeping pension records somewhat longer than 2 years!

    My recent admin experience for Aviva when asking for info has been appalling. I suspect it's a bit of 'jobs worth' approach from them in not getting the data to you.

    If Aviva completely fails to get data to you then you aren't totally stuck.

    If its an EPP presumably the contributions were paid by the company? In which case they will be reflected in the company accounts, and more than likely the company will know exactly how much was paid in for each employee.

    As regards PIP, you could use the policy doc to establish the original PIP and work on an assumption this was not changed until they all became aligned o the tax year (unless you have clear evidence that the PIP was changed prior to that date).

    If the contributions were personal then obtaining copies of past tax returns will give you the gross contribution data for each tax year. (We have recently found it surprisingly easy to get past tax return copies from HMRC; v quick)
  • Ah thank you. 

    I do know there have been ad-hoc contributions (they've a history of that including funding for IR max tax free cash based on past service with big one off contributions for each member on 5 April 2006), and suspect there may have been PIP manipulation post A-day, so I am wary of making assumptions.  The PIP dates are the the key parts of the 3 way jigsaw.
    Outsourced paraplanner for The Paraplanners.  President of the Scottish Petanque Association
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