HMRC Tapered Annual Allowance Calculator


Does anyone else disagree with the .gov HMRC Tapered annual allowance calculator?

@benfabi and I are of the belief that you shouldn't add back in the contributions of the member?

Thanks in advance


  • This is a really badly designed resource. An example from one screen that I'll just leave here (my emphasis):

    The savings for defined contributions and defined benefits plans are calculated differently, with defined benefits including investment growth and defined contributions including payments made by, or on behalf of the member. Investment income is not included.

    My advice is to learn how to calculate the TAA using resources from Royal London, or use the very good calculator on the Prudential site.
    Benjamin Fabi FPFS
    Chartered Financial Planner 
  • richallumrichallum Administrator
    Agree with @benjaminfabi ;  Pru site has great calcs for this.

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  • Agree with above too, Pru all the way though did prefer it when you could download the excel spreadsheet version.
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