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Hi, we are thinking of implementing a report writing tool within the business. Can anyone recommend one that they are using?


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    We have built our own tool so it fits exactly what we do and that's an option although it does involve time and money to set up. I've tried and/or used most of the automated ones available and in my opinion the best ones are:
    • Genovo
    • ATEB Suitability
    Other ones are available too.

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  • Thank you. 

    I have thought of some basic questions to ask providers but can you think of anything out of the ordinary that I need to be asking as part of our due diligence?

    Hope you don't mind me asking but what was the driving factor that made you decide to produce them in house?
  • We trialed PPOL at our firm for a short while but we really didn't get along with it. One of the advisers does still use it from time to time when writing their own cases, and he claims to be able to write reports in around 30 minutes using it.

    In my opinion, doing it in house is better for a number of reasons, but perhaps it takes more time (the initial set up etc.) which is the main disadvantage.

    Late to the party but looking to launch a new platform due diligence tool and consultancy business later this year - watch this space and feel free to message if you would like any initial info.

  • We did some work with Genovo and whilst they are good at what they do it wasn't flexible enough for our business needs. Very helpful friendly bunch
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  • Thank you for your help :)
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