R04 BCE from Chapter 2

In Chapter 2.1 of the R04 study text there is a table of Valuation of benefit crystallisation events, which lists all the BCE numbers and the valuation basis.  My question is, do we need to learn this table, or can I get away with learning parts of it that will be sufficient for the exam?  If it has to be learned, can anyone suggest a strategy? I've used mnemonics in the past but I can't see how I can put this into good effect for what are effectively numbers


  • BCE4 - annuity because the 4 looks like an A. BCE6 is sexy six so it's PCLS. BCE5 is age 75. What you use for the valuation then becomes that bit easier because it's easier to remember the BCE. Had a look at my notes and didn't write others down but these definitely helped. I think I needed this more for J05/AF3 though.
  • For the AF exam you didnt need to remember the BCE number.  You just need to know what they all are and how each is treated.
  • That's good to know - after R04 I've got AF7 and probably AF8!
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    Hi Andy,

    I had similar thoughts to you that I'd need to know a long list of BCE's, however I completely agree with Jona, no need to learn them. Just know what is a BCE and it's treatment for tax purposes, if applicable.

    Sat R04 last Thursday and there were no questions on this, e.g. what is BCE 6?
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