US Speciliast Platforms / DFMs

hi everyone

does anyone have any past experience with any platform/investment providers who specialise in US-connected clients?

we are looking at using Maseco to act as DFM for a client with US connections, they in turn use Raymond James US as their platform of choice.

its my understanding my firm needs to use a DFM who has all the necessary US trading permissions - but I am struggling with my DD in that I cannot seem to find any other companies offering this very specific arrangement!!!

would welcome any and all thoughts and ideas!




  • Hi Jenny,

    I believe LG Vestra also offer this service.



  • We went round the houses with this last year. Rathbones do as do Vestra as mentioned above. You might also (worryingly)  come across some DFMs that will say that they can but are wrong and have no idea what they are talking about!
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