Finding an outsourced paraplanner

Hi all,

We're looking into the possibility of outsourcing some work on an ad-hoc basis when I get a little too snowed-under, but nobody here really has any experience of using an outsourced paraplanner.

Does anyone have any views on using a one-man/woman-band vs. an outsourced paraplanning company? Plus any points to consider on data protection, arranging access to systems etc?

Many thanks!



  • Hi, I've used out sourcing services before but rather than a paraplanner we identified other tasks that were more admin in nature (client servicing / provider requests and chasing / invoicing etc) and used outsourced services.

    Cheaper and allowed me to focus on what I am good at (up for debate!?!?)

    Used these guys
  • Hi Becca,

    I have only just joined this site, so apologies if my message to you is porly timed.

    I am a one woman freelance paraplanner, and have been successfully working for advisers remotely for 5 years. Please contact me on or you can message me on here if you still have a need for a freelance paraplanner or if you would like more information on how I work.


    Jolene Derry

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