Hi everyone

does anyone have experience with Dentons pensions?

we have a client looking to purchase a commercial property through a SIPP. looking at their site they compare favourably cost wise to their peers. But I would welcome any user views!!




  • Hi @jenny.ryan 
    I worked there for several years; albeit a few more years ago than I like to think about.

    They did everything above board and had client service at the core of their proposition - as you would expect a "true" SIPP and SSAS provider to do given the higher charges.

    They were very hot technically and had good connections and experience for property transactions.

    I've just had a quick look at their website and both the MDs I worked with are still there; plus many other familiar faces in influential roles - so I do not expect the company ethos to have changed.

    They seem to be a bigger outfit now; so given their niche they must be doing something right!

    Hope that helps.
  • Jona that is a great endorsement thank you. Having been burned by bad service (as I am sure we all have) this is a good sign!!



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