In terms of the CII J09 Paraplanning qualification, would I be better to complete it once I have sait R01 - R03 or is it possible to pass the module with only having the basic knowledge?

I'm thinking about doing the J09 coursework whilst reading for another exam but am not entirely sure if it's the best route?


  • Hi Carly

    I haven't done J09 but I'd suggest getting R02 and R03 under your belt first for the knowledge they'll give you. Reading the specification it looks like a challenging exam for someone without any foundation qualifications.

    Good luck with whichever you choose to go with first.
  • Clare_WeightClare_Weight Member
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    I'm embarking on J09, in fact should have started months ago! s

    I have gone through it with an adviser who is cashflow mad (he's like level 6 in the Paul Armson cult) but that hasn't helped me to simplify it and just tick the CII assessor's boxes. 

    The difficulty is not so much 'what is the best advice?', I've kind of picked a lot of that up over the years. It's how do you answer this specific question when it's so interdependent on the other advice that you would probably give. Ie how much they need to put away for x? That depends on whether we can get him to do b to take him out higher rate tax. Sorry I'm being frustrating vague, I'm trying to steer well clear of plagiarism and I do want to do the work myself.

    But I'm struggling with how you play the CII game. The way that cashflow guy and I are approaching this just doesn't feel like level 4 with a fairly tight word count. So, can anyone help me with 'what do the CII want to see?'? Should I think of it as 'limited advice' (which I've never had anything to do with)?

    Sorry to hijack your thread Carly, I was in two minds as to whether to start another. I hope we will both find all things J09 within this thread useful.

    Thanks for reading, Clare

  • I was at the PFS Paraplanner event today, and one of the people I spoke to said that you definitely need R01, R02 and R03 - there's a lot of stuff in there that draws on the knowledge from those exams (especially the tax).  I'm still in 2 minds about doing the qualification myself; like others at today's event I'll probably do it just to get points for Chartered
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