Intelliflo and Voyant interaction

I'm looking for users of both have an opinion on recording assets and plans and what is then imported over to Voyant?

I'm undecided about how I want to set this up (new to iO). I want everything on the iO fact find (one, so that I can put an asset summary into a client report automatically), but it only seems to let me show this on the FF report if I add both assets and plans. But duplicates these when I import the information to Voyant. 

Any experts happy to share what you do? Have you built an iO report that takes the plan info and puts it into an assets table? 



  • Hi Susan

    I've done quite a  testing of the IO Voyant link as we recently started using IO.

    Basically we only add physical things, property etc, to the asset table (and then you get them in Voyant as assets) and add everything else that you need as a plan. It works for us but we don't use the IO fact find (I built our own version in document designer), or the IO reports (yet)

    One way, possibly the best, it to run your reports through document designer which in theory should allow you to pull through the asset and plan information automatically (although it has flaws). It depends on how happy you are with the coding required.

    Other than that, it would just be a case of deleting the unwanted items in Voyant, which kind of defeats the object.

    Sorry if this hasn't helped much, seems to be a lot of ways to do things in IO and none of them ever seem to work exactly how you want them to!!


  • Thanks Tom. I did wonder if doc designer was the way to go so this confirms that for me. I'd rather do that than have to make manual changes on Voyant as that would make reviews really difficult.

    Much appreciated
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