I am hoping to sit R02 in Jan/Feb of next year, would anyone like to start up a study group with myself or if anyone has passed it already do you have any advice for me please,




  • Hi Claire,

    I'm looking to do it around then as well. Would be happy to buddy up =)


  • Hi Poppy,

    That would be amazing.  How are you getting on with it? I just received my book this week.  Would you like to make up questions for each other, or how would you like to approach this? Claire

  • Hello

    Not too much help because I've just finished R02 but I recommend paying for the extra question pack on revisionmate and use the technical section on the Aviva called exam support there's chapter summaries and mock tests.

  • I passed R02 earlier this year, If i can be of any help I'll definitely chip in
  • Passed R02 earlier this year, can offer some advice if needed.

    I found that there were not too many calculations in my exam (maybe 2/3 questions that needed to use the formulae) - for learning all the formulae (think there's about 14 in total) - Brand Financial Training do a handy guide
  • have the book just need the time to study!!! was hoping to sit exam in January but may wait until August and try to do AF7 instead..................
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