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Hi all!

Is anyone going to the PFS Festival? I've managed to live under a rock and haven't seen a huge amount about it until now. The programme is vast, but I'm struggling to work out how much would be relevant for me. I've not been to a PFS event before so no experience to base it on, but interested to hear opinions from those who are and aren't going! 

Thanks in advance :smile: 


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    I've been several times and it is a big event.  Still deciding if to go or not.  There are enough sessions that interest me but they're spread over 2 days - if they were all on the same day it would be an easy decision.  

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  • I'm going this year (both days) with three others from our firm, I've not been to their annual conference before so looking forward to a new experience.  The regional conferences are usually pretty good so hopefully this one will be on another level.  It looks like choosing what to see and when will be tricky though. 
  • I'd booked but I've cancelled. Partly because there is another internal training event that I'd rather attend, but really that was just the excuse I needed because I don't like the timing. It's very much geared to people who are coming from afar and staying over. I live about 50 minutes in normal traffic from the venue, not long enough to warrant staying but a bit too far if the M6 does its usual, so a 1900 finish on day 1 and an 0800 start on day two doesn't appeal to me.

    Also, two 30 minute sessions explicitly on DB pensions. From 5 stages and two days? I feel that there is a really big opportunity missed.

    I'm perhaps being too critical here @Rebecca_Tuck , so maybe don't listen to me! The regional event I attended earlier in the year was very good. As this is a free event it is worth the price if you can get the time off work and some accommodation paid for.
  • Yeah, I'm still undecided. To go to something so far away and over 2 days I'd be keen to know that like-minded people were along too. It's nearly 3 days out of the office for me :-o
  • I think I am going to go but only for the second day. The first day doesn't start until late and there aren't any sessions on that I can't live without! I may come over the night before so I'm there early enough for the start of day 2 but not decided on that fully yet. 
  • Thanks all. I'm already booked on a Technical Insight Seminar in Bristol on the 8th so, on balance I think I'll stick with that for proximity and likely relevance to me this time around. Maybe next year!
  • I really enjoyed the Technical Insight Seminar in Edinburgh recently so that could be a good call. I've decided on not going too - going with some specific seminars on MiFID II and GDPR. Let the good times start :-)
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