Onenote & Google Keep

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say that I have been using Onenote and Google Keep since they were suggested at the Powwow and I absolutely love them - No idea how I lived without them.

I'm using Onenote for:
- Collating information that I can refer back to - process notes/research/notes about providers/DB scheme info/Technical points
- Training scrapbook for our trainee

Google keep is like a virtual post-it note wall where I shove all reminders, personal and work, nicely colour coded and tagged (swoooooooon). I have pinned notes for things that need to stay at the top of my brain and I save all the weblinks/document links I need to be able to complete tasks quickly without hunting around for things.

Thank you guys for suggesting these!!!


  • You and your post-it notes (real or virtual!)  ;)
  • I'm with you on the note taking/collating! If you like Onenote and Google Keep you need to check out - kind of a mashup of the two (assuming you've not already!).

    I've used it for years now and liken it to my 2nd 'electronic' brain. I use it to brainstorm ideas, snip things from the web to save/read for later, keep all my receipts (scanned in), store technical info for later reference etc. The beauty is once I've put something in Evernote I know its always there if I need to come back to it later. I would literally weep if someone took it off me...  :'(
    Jonny (paraflex)
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