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Hi, does anyone use an email to SMS service to send alerts/reminders to clients? If so, what made you choose your provider?


  • We have a system, although it's not used as often as it should be.

    We use Swiftpage ACT as our main database for contacting clients. The reason being that we wanted offline software where we're not relying on someone else to hold data, and because one of our directors has used it for donkey's years.

    Not long after I started working here I looked into text message services that would complement ACT. I found Text Marketer and we still use it today. We took advantage of a 2-for-1 deal and bought something like 10,000 credits, and still have over 9000 credits remaining, 4 years later.

    To operate it's as simple as adding another email field to the client on ACT which includes their mobile number followed by We can then use templates and mail merge to send text message appointment reminders. Simple but effective.
  • Thank you for the input LewysRichards. 
  • Hi Lewis,

    Did it cost you anything to set this up? My small firm is not yet sure how much we would use it. I've said let's have it available and see how it goes, so we'll do it if it's really easy.

    Am I right in thinking that anyone here with next to no training can simply type their client's mobile number followed by without having to install anything. Can't be dealing with that pesky MAC user being left out!


  • Hi Clare,

    The only cost is the credits, and the price is based on how many you buy.

    There's no software, your account is managed through an internet browser. And yes, once you have your account set up anyone can send an email from anywhere to to send a text. You have to put a specific code in the email subject, this is how they identify your account.
  • Great, thanks Lewys
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