Binding equipment

Hi all,

Looking to smarten up my firm's report presentation. They are currently stapled in the corner.

What is a sensible amount to spend on a binding machine? I.e. is a £300 model appreciably better than a £150 model?

Is there a kind of Gumtree for business where I might find one second hand?

Also, a firm I previously worked out used to bind the report together with all the enclosures. Another bound the report on their own.

Which do you think is preferable? I'm in two minds, as all together says we want them to read these enclosures. I also think a hefty report is quite off putting.

Please share your thoughts.

Kind regards,

Clare Weight


  • We bind the report together with all the enclosures, KFD, factsheets etc. But our reports are between 6 and 15 pages so binding them on their own would be a bit silly.

    Immediately before we bind it, the 'pack' gets scanned into the system. That way, in the future, if we ever need to refer to what was provided we have it all in one place.

    We use a GBC wirebind w18. I don't know how worthwhile it would be to spend more than what that cost, but I've used binders in lots of places and this is used a lot and just works.

    We have a glossy front and back sheet printed with corporate details and we also use clear poly sheets over the top of everything. We also use 100gsm paper. Yes it costs a bit more but clients pay a lot for the advice we give them, so the marginal increase in presenting that nicely is a price worth paying.
  • I would encourage use of a coil style binding strip, rather than the solid spine style. We found that with the solid spine style, it was difficult to turn the pages and actually read the report. the 'coil' style worked a lot better.
  • We've just been discussing that point Gustavo. I favour the nasty plastic as I can change my mind and replace pages easily. Maybe I will get a binder that works with both, in the hope of not being so last minute one day!
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