Do I need the R01 study text to pass the exam?

I've just started studying for R01, and my employer has provided access to the CII Interactive Tutorial. Will I need to buy the study text to pass the exam or could I get away with just buying the key fact booklet?


  • You don't have to buy the study text for any of the CII exams, but as the exam is based on what is in the books I would recommend that you do buy it.

    Besides, it's not just about passing the exam and having the piece of paper to prove it.  Although mostly very dry, it is amazing what you do actually learn by reading the books.
  • Hi Becky,

    There's a number of resources available that you can use in place of the CII's study books, which we all know can be dry.

    - Redmill Advance
    - Brand
    - Aviva Academy

    the costs of these also tend to be lower than the cost of the CII's book, do your research before you buy in terms of purchasing the study material that best suits your learning style
  • Hi Becky

    I would place more value in a revision workshop than the study text as the subject is quite dry. I know that's not a money saver solution, but I would say it's more likely to provide a successful result.
  • Thank you everyone for replying.
    I think I'm going to work through all of the interactive tutorials and then try a past paper. I ought to know then if I need to find some more detailed resources.
  • How is everybody studying in general? I'm finding it difficult to take in all the information by reading the books. Any tips for a different way of studying in order to actually absorb the information?
  • Since watching the exam HowWow the other week and learning that you will learn best by doing, I've just taken a practice exam. Of course I failed, but not too badly and now I know which bits I don't know enough about.

    I've read somewhere that you need to practice by doing the papers, finding the bits you need to learn more about and targeting your revision to those areas.

    Which material are you using for your studying Stacey? I've only used an interactive tutorial so far, but have now got hold of all the info from the Aviva website.

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