Ethical Questionnaire

Hi all

Does anyone use an ethical questionnaire with clients that have an ethical preference to screen in or out the things they want to invest in?


  • Hi Sian,

    We don't as standard. Our ethical portfolio is very simple and includes a combination of positively and negatively screened funds, in line with a particular risk profile. I think a lot of it depends on how bespoke you are willing/able to make the investment solution - there's little point assessing their specific preferences if you then can't meet them!

    For anything that needs to be very bespoke (and has sufficient funds), we outsource to Rathbone Greenbank, who have their own very specific questionnaire about what clients are/aren't willing to invest in.

    One place that might be worth a look for resources is Fund EcoMarket. They have a list of ethical/sustainable funds and also some questionnaires available in the "Financial Adviser" section. You can then filter the funds according to the preferences shown in the questionnaires, which is handy!

    Hope that helps.

  • Hey Sian
    Attached is one that I send to my advisers to use?
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