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Hi all

At present, we work in quite an old school way - using a local hard drive to store client files and keeping printed copies of everything and sending attachments to clients by email. 

I want to look at 2 solutions - 

1. sending documents electronically to clients which offers the facility for them to sign and acknowledge

2. storage of documents 

Please could you let me know what solutions you use or have used and would or wouldn't recommend. 

Thanks in advance.



  • JonaJona Member
    At the last place I worked the office burnt down (kids set fire to bins behind the building).

    They stored everything hard copy and did not have up to date backed up copies of hard drives off site.

    Cloud storage all the way after that..............
  • Sian, we use Volume Watermark for document storage. It reads like a paper file and we section in the same way. 

    We've just moved to Intelliflo, and one of the reasons was the secure messaging function, and potentially using electronic signatures but we're not at that stage yet. We elected not to use the document storage with Intelliflo because Volume suited our needs better because of how it reads. 

    @Jona - oh good god that must have been awful. I had a laptop die on me with docs I hadn't backed up about 20 years ago and never made that mistake again. I can't imagine a whole office :-o

    Good luck.
  • We use the same as Susan. iO and Volume. Works well. Volume can be sectioned easily but if you use it make sure you have mapped out properly from the start. Saves time later.
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  • We've started to use DocSafe for sending documents to clients / clients sending things to us securely. There are a couple of versions, but we've got the one with the basic signature option so that recommendations can be approved online. It then sends us a little certificate that we can save to the file to show that the clients have given us the go-ahead. It's worked really well for some clients, but the less internet-savvy are still getting paper copies. 

    Storage-wise, in the office we're pretty much paperless now and everything gets saved to Prestwood as our back office system, which generally works well. The only real issue with it is that new stuff just gets added to the top of a very long list, so if things haven't been named/categorised sensibly then it can be really hard work to try and find them again a few months down the line!
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