Investment for Minors

Hello all,

We have a case where a client's children have each inherited £25,000 from their great aunt via a deed of variation, done by the client's mother. The money is currently held in bank accounts in their own names.

The client would like for the funds to be invested, to be used as a house deposit/college fund in future, but I'm struggling with the logistics and hoping I've just missed something obvious! They can each have a JISA (assuming transfer of CTFs) but after that...

- They can't invest directly in their own names outside of a JISA because they're under 18 (discounted pensions due to time horizon).
- We could look at a bare trust, but who is the settlor? The great-aunt is dead and the children already hold the money.
- Any designated GIAs (or deemed bare trusts) would officially involve the money being passed from the children back to the client.

I'm a little stumped about the best way forward, so any ideas would be very welcome!




  • richallumrichallum Administrator
    Did the DOV state the money should be a direct gift to the kids or a gift held on trust for them?

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  • If DOV has been direct to minors then the parents are automatically trustees of a bare trust. You do not require a written trust deed. Therefore parents invest as trustees into an appropriate portfolio.

    However, if DOV was done direct to minors then, in my view, a planning error has occurred and it should have been to a discretionary trust. Such an approach is far more flexible, gives clarity of settlor (for IHT and Settlro for IT/CGT.
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