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We've created a page on the Powwow website to house all those past online Howwow goodies. 

In our monthly online Howwow, gurus and paraplanners share top tips and best practice on current topics. Topics such as report writing tips. RNRB, MiFID II, how to set up an outsourced paraplanning business, and lots more.

Most folk tune-in and ask questions on the day, but for those times when you can’t make – or if you just want to watch it all over again – we’ve recorded it and listed them and everything shared on one handy page.

Warning - watching Howwows is highly addictive! So, get comfy and click here.


Got a Howwow question? Try these answers on for size

I can’t seem to get this Howwow replay to work

On the tech side of things. Viewing the Howwow on browsers such as Chrome or Firefox work best.

Are there more Online Howwows?

You bet your bottom dollar there are, and on lots of useful topics for paraplanners. We aim to hold one every last Wednesday of the month, at lunchtime (1-2pm for most folk). Sometimes we’ll throw a curve ball and change the date. That’s because we want to bring you amazing panel members and they can’t make Wednesdays. It’s as simple as that.

For a list of any upcoming Howwow or Powwow events click here.

There isn’t an upcoming Howwow listed, when will the next one be?

Sorry about that. We’re just confirming the topics and putting together an A-Team panel for it. It’ll probably be the last Wednesday of the month, but to make sure you never miss a Howwow sign-up for the Powwow Post!

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