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Hi all,

Has anyone had experience dealing with a pension share situation from the early stages of a divorce? We have a few divorced clients but, to date, they have come to us with a pension sharing order already issued by the court.

From what I have seen, a recommendation report is prepared first and submitted to the solicitors then to the court before the official pension sharing order is issued. Does anyone have experience of this initial report stage? Or people you outsource this work to?

Any guidance would be much appreciated!




  • richallumrichallum Administrator
    Hi @Rebecca_Tuck I've been involved in cases like this.  Happy to talk through if you like.

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  • How did you get on with this case Rebecca? Did you end up speaking to Richard?

    I've got a similar case on the go involving sharing/splitting of multiple DC/DB pensions and not sure where to start?!
    Jonny (paraflex)
  • Rebecca_TuckRebecca_Tuck Member
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    Hi @parawhat - I did indeed! I was after more generic info rather than guidance on a specific case, but @richallum was very clued up so I'm pretty sure he'll be able to help you out too. There was also a session on pension sharing and divorce at the CISI paraplanner conference and the slides are available online now, so that might be a bit of help?
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