RO6 - Help!

Calling all clever people!

A few of us are doing the RO6 exam in a couple of weeks. We have the case study and we purchased an analysis from one of the exam help companies, but having started studying we're not really sure where to start!

I plan to write some questions down on cue cards with answers underneath to make a flash card game for myself.

I wanted to know if anyone has any tips/hints for the exam which could help us?


Poppy  :)


  • Oh and any help with AF5 as well!

  • CaroCaro Member
    Hi Poppy 

    When I did AF5, I approached it as if it were a real client case.  Go through it and look at any areas where they need planning, have a shortfall or have highlighted themselves as an issue. 

    It will obviously depend on the type of client in the case study, eg elderly couple or younger couple with dependants that will dictate the areas that you will need to gen up on but consider any areas that may be a bit of a hot topic at the moment that could apply to for those clients, eg, pension freedoms for an older client, but also look at perennial favourites – High income child benefit charge, pension and ISA funding, life cover etc for younger clients.

    Also expect the unexpected! In my AF5 there was question about quick succession relief, despite the clients both being in their 30s, and there only being a vague reference to an inheritance in the case study.

    Finally, these exams are not just about your technical knowledge and the application of it – exam technique will also play a part. Do as many past papers as you can and always read the examiner’s notes with them as these can give really good hints and tips to make sure you get the full mark. 

    I hope this helps and v good luck to all, I’m sure you’ll ace it!  :)

  • Poppy, 

    we purchased the guide from Wizard Learning, and I think is quite good.

    Also, Revision Mate has a whole list of previous examination guides, some questions come up again and again like the investment process or adviser charges, so its a great resource to prepare model answers, in a way they have done the work for us :wink: 

    x Elsa 
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