Does your firm have a customer feedback process?

Hi all, 

We're in the process of setting up a regular way for clients to feed back what they feel needs improvement from us as a firm. We have always ran customer feedback questionnaires but this is different in that we want direct client engagement, almost like a focus group of sorts to meet and provide suggestions. Typical areas we expect to receive comments on are length of reports (of course!), technical jargon, length of time between initial meetings and solutions being provided etc. to name but a few.

I was just generally wondering if other firms already have this in place or something similar, whether it works well, or other thoughts?




  • Hi Jamie, 

    The only feed back we are currently receiving is though VochedFor. their questionnaire it's mainly about the service provided. 

    It has worked really well in terms of building up the company's profile. We get a lot of enquires because people see us on the website and we are highly rated. 

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