Teachers Pension Scheme & Pru AVCs

Anyone up to speed with the TPS?

Can the Pru AVCs be used to augment main scheme benefits (buy added years / pay PCLS etc)?

The lady at the Pru AVC department didn't know.....?



  • You can't buy added years and I don't think it interacts in any way with main scheme benefits, including using it to provide the PCLS. Not sure if pension freedoms will have affected this though (but can't see why it would). 

    I always ring a provider back the next day if I get an unconvincing answer to a technical question like that. 
  • I debated this for some time with Pru around a year ago.

    It took a long time to reach someone who gave me an answer other than "I don't know...so no."

    I went between both the Pru and the TPS and they both gave the same answer in the end. The AVC can't be used to provide the lump sum, as Ben says :-)

  • JonaJona Member
    Smashing thanks guys.
    I've found content pointing to the same conclusion buried in the Pru AVC and TPS member websites. 
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