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As I'm sure others are, we are getting quite a few more DB cases through the doors, a number of which are for clients who are under 55 and therefore not looking to take benefits immediately (in the age range 49 to 52 mainly).

I know from past experience that larger firms and networks tend to either not allow at all or very much frown upon DB transfer cases for clients pre 55.

- Does your firm have any age related restrictions for DB transfer cases?

- Are there any additional considerations you take account of or specific areas you focus on for pre 55 cases?

Jonny (paraflex)


  • One simple question needs to be answered for any client transferring more than 12 months prior to NRA:

    Why now?

    Of course, the answer to this question is often far from simple. And it can't (just) be 'because CETVs are massive at the moment.' or 'because the DB scheme will die with me.'

    There aren't any specific areas of focus in our processes at the moment for clients pre-55. Some might have more weighting than others on an individual basis.
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    Have a look at the Twitter feed from @cunningham_uk from last night for some very useful stuff on DB transfers.

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  • Cheers chaps.
    Jonny (paraflex)
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