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Hi all

For those of you who complete your own TVAS reports in house, do you use O&M or Selectapension? Any one used both and can compare/contrast?

Reason I ask is the firm I'm currently doing work for use O&M for pension switching analysis, but are considering switching over to Selectapension as they don't like O&M, so I was just wondering if there would be any argument to stick with O&M if their TVAS add-on is significantly better than Selectapension's.


Jonny (paraflex)


  • richallumrichallum Administrator
    There's quite a bit on both in here. Do a search for Selectapension and it'll come up.

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  • Thanks Richard - had already tried that but failed to spot the next page button which brought up a load more relevant conversations. Doh! Found what I'm looking for now from a few posts by Ben Fabi.
    Jonny (paraflex)
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