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I'm curious to see what websites everyone has stuck to their favourites bar....the sites you all use day in day out.

Some of mine are:

Even if you think everyone has already heard about it, someone probably hasn't! Where do you all click the most?


  • richallumrichallum Administrator
    That's a great topic Jo.  I have the top 2 in mine and also this one from Barnett Waddingham which is a great site for technical pension stuff.

    Paraplanner. F1, Apple, Nutella, ice cream. No trite motivational quotes. Turning a bit northern. Republican.

  • I have this

    Every paraplanner should read the section on commas and semi-colons!

  • I just read through my first post in case I had abused a comma here or there.

    I'm guilty of over using an ellipsis or two.

  • Thanks for sharing, I'll be adding some of those to my favourites!

    I would like to add

    It has lots of calculators and it was invaluable to me when we had to work out GAD rates etc.
  • NathanNathan Member
    I have to admit to being behind the times with the likes of Pinterest, but my understanding is if the web page has an image you can 'pin' it to a pinterest page for others to see....

    If that is the case, would it be good to set up a paraplanner pinterest page with loads of handy links?
  • My new fave is

    for making single pdfs from several source files. Clients can't alter reports sent by email - we don't trust clients. :-)
  • NathanNathan Member
    I have started a website called which stands for paraplanner quick links, where I can host all of these favourite sites, please feel free to ask me to add more.
  • For anyone who uses FE Analytics and uses the custom report features, i would recommend a PDF splicer or merger (noted already mentioned above). There are loads out there, some of which are downloadable programs or add ins, but one which i've recently pinned to my favourites bar because it includes all manner of PDF options is (this one is on website rather than a download).
    Nice and easy to remember, i haven't fully tested it yet due to time constraints but it does seem really promising. Being able to splice PDFs to reorder them, or just take a single page out is really quite helpful i have found.

    Late to the party but looking to launch a new platform due diligence tool and consultancy business later this year - watch this space and feel free to message if you would like any initial info.

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