Which cashflow modelling tool???

Hi all, I'm interested in hearing your views and experience of cashflow modelling tools.  We're after a VERY client-friendly interactive tool, which is simple to use without the need for very extensive input.  Has anyone used Truth?  We find Voyant a bit too complex for our current needs.  Have recently used the LV Retirement Pathfinder useful but it's only suitable for retirement planning - if we could find something that has the same sort of 'feel' to cover a wider range of FP needs that would be great.  Thanks v much.


  • Have a look at the CashCalc tools.

  • Brilliant, thanks Jona.  This is exactly the type of software we're after.
  • richallumrichallum Administrator
    The 3 simple ones I'd suggest looking at are:

    * cashcalc
    * Moneyscope (vested interest klaxon)
    * Lifecash (if you have an iPad)

    Planlab is a good half way house between those 3 and Voyant/Truth.

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  • Brilliant, thank you Richard.  Most helpful!!!
  • Have a look at 7IMagine. Very client friendly and free to use (iPad only I think though)

    Otherwise CashCalc will do the job for you or you might consider Dynamic Planner

  • Thanks Anna. Much appreciated.
  • As a voyant user, I must say this cashcalc looks a lot easier!
  • Hi Emma

    We are currently using a tool which is in Beta testing stage (due to be launched live in April) which combines the complexity of Voyant and Truth with the simplicity of Cashcalc.  The output is specifically being aimed at paraplanners to help with reports, factfinds and reports but with the visibility for clients to easily understand the inputs and outputs in meetings.  If you would like a demo I can easily arrange this with the developers at no cost to you.  


  • 'Examhelp' yes I'd agree with that.  Thanks very much Rob - that sounds interesting.  I'd be interested in getting some info on this, thanks for the contact details!!!

  • If anybody else would like the contact details the best person to contact is James Calvert Jones via email on james@i4c.it 
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