AF5 - October 2016

Is anyone sitting the above exam next week? Spent the last couple of weeks analysing the case study!

Has anyone been able to highlight any potential questions/ problem areas?




  • Hi Joe

    Just wondered how you got on with AF5? Planning on sitting it in April.  Also, assuming you passed, would it be possible to lend/buy the book off you?

    Many thanks,
  • Hi Laura,

    I did pass AF5 back in October. It was quite a difficult exam but managed to get through!

    I didn't buy the book as I got the impression it was a bit of a waste of time and money. I spent a long time analysing the case study and cross referenced past papers and past exams solutions to try and work out what questions were going to come up! It's certainly worth spending your time trying to familiarise yourself with the 'standard' questions that seem to come up every year.

    I can send through all the documents that I've got on AF5 if you want? Hopefully a few of them will come in handy at some point.



  • Well done you!

    Thanks Joe.  Yes that's what I thought, hence why I didn't want to buy the book!  If you could that would be great, but don't go out your way.  My email address is

    Thank you very much!
  • Hi Both,

    I'm also sitting the AF5 exam in April, would you mind also sending me any documents you have Joe? My email address is

    I looked on the CII site and there isn't a book for AF5, so i'm just concentrating on past papers until we get the case study.

    Thanks Claire

  • Hi, I'm also sitting AF5 in April - could I ask which exam anyalsis you used/ are planning to use and how good they were? And also where you got any additional practice exams/ past papers from? Many thanks 
  • Hi,

    I used Expert Pensions and they were very good. Also had colleagues using Brand FT and I've used other stuff of theirs in the past and present and found it very good.

    If you log in to the PFS and search AF5 in the search box, you can filter by exam paper and it will give you loads of past papers.
  • Hi, I plan on sitting the exam in April. If anyone has any past exam papers, I'd really apprieciate them, as I can only find April 2017. My email address is Thanks in advance. Sharmayne
  • palm87palm87 Member
    Hi Sharmayne,

    I think i have some saved still so will send you what I have
  • Thanks, that would be great! 
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