UK home for US stock holding

We have a client that has some US shares in a single company (currently held with Merrill Lynch).  He wants to move these to the UK - anyone undergone this sort of transfer before and found a UK platform or house willing to take them?



  • I'd usually start by asking Transact as they will be able to say yes or no pretty quickly. They usually can hold most US company shares if they're listed and quite often will 'add' them if they don't already allow them. If Transact say no, 7IM would probably be my next stop as their platform was built to allow pretty much anything. I'm not sure which other platforms are as flexible; I only know which ones definitely aren't!
  • Thanks Jamie.
    Transact seem keen to help.

    7IM would but not on a one off case only, would want some scale (i.e. future clients put with them).
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