BPR Investments for Companies

Has anyone ever done this type of work before and if so do you have any tips to share or advice on pitfalls to be aware of?

Basically it's the same type of investment as a normal BPR investment but because of the structure they are usually classed as UCIS.

We are looking at a case where the client has too much money in their company to the extent that the company's accountants feel it would no longer be eligible for BPR relief.  The investment would allow them to regain their company to BPR qualifying status but our PI insurers are nervous as it is a UCIS.

We are happy with the underlying investment approach (asset backed lending) and the providers we are looking at (Octopus, Time, Triplepoint etc) are all FCA regulated, so it not as if we are going to be recommending investing in Teak Oil Storage pods in a hotel car park in Cape Verde, or anything shady like that.    
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