Looking for tboughts on AF8, how long did it take you to do the coursework? How easy/hard did you find it? Any hints or tips for doing it. I'm currently on mat leave so looking to start it before I go back to work early next year and hoping to complete it within 6-8 months or is that unrealistic? TIA


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    Doing it just now, I passed the first assignment but I'm finding the 2nd very difficult because the instructions the CII give are so vauge. I had also planned to do it 6 months but it's taking me much longer.

    I would say make sure you have access to a cashflow modelling tool and asset allocation tool before enrolling.
  • Thats great thanks for the input.
  • I'm planning on doing this but not sure when. A number of factors are influencing my decision:

    • Lack of time
    • How the model answer came from a 2 line question (I've looked at the examples on the CII website!)
    • The issues a lot of people seem to be having with this qualification

    I'm a bit of masochist though, so probably 2020 if AF7 and PTPA results go to plan!!

  • Thanks Andy, I'm seeing it as a slightly easier alternative to an exam right now as with new baby and child I can fit it in easier around nursery runs etc without the deadline of sitting an actual exam. Hoping it keeps my brain active whilst not actually at work 😁Also it gives me the credits I need to apply for Fellowship too. I haven't done Af7 yet but that will be on next year's agenda.
  • Hi,

    I submitted and passed the 3 assignments within 5 months and I have two children and work almost full time so definitely achievable I think. Hopefully your baby will be a good sleeper!

    Can’t say I found it that enjoyable or learnt a lot and there was a distinct lack of feedback from the CII with a basic grade given for each criteria. Having just sat two AFs last week however I am romanticising how much I preferred AF8 just now 😆.
  • Jules many thanks for the feedback. good luck with your results
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