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I have a client who is invested in a DFM and have been given values at a number of dates in the past, i am familiar with building historic portfolios in FE.

My first period starts on 05/01/2015 and ends on 29/11/2016. I have built the portfolio and entered the value as at 05/01/2015, what i am struggling with is getting FE to tell me what it was worth on 29/11/2016. I have tried to create another historic portfolio as at this date but it is not working as FE is forcasting the value to todays date and then taking this back to be the value as at the date in the past.

Any ideas of how to do this? i have tried using the help guides but not seeing anything there?


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    We're doing a live Howwow with FE today. That would be a great place to ask this question. You can sogn up for it here. https://www.crowdcast.io/e/howwow-sept19

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  • good thinking, im already signed up ill see what Ed suggests

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    Can you out your question in the ASk a question bit at the bottom please so I'll see it.

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  • do you do that once signed in?

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    Yes. It's at the bottom.

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  • Will be interested to hear if this is possible too, as to date the only way I've been able to guess this is by using the performance growth options and changing it to lump sum, see below:

    Enter the dates in question and the investment value/ amount and see if that produces anything helpful.

  • I'm not sure if I understand the question so apologies if this isn't relevant. If you're still struggling and willing to resort to a manual option, you have the 'price on date' table option.

    You would need to
    1. In portfolio builder, go to the portfolio as at the date you want, select 'export all to active list'.
    2. Run price on date report as at the date you want, export to excel
    3. In excel, manually add the unit quantities.

  • I like Clare's answer :)
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  • In creating the portfolio unless you tell FE otherwsie it assumes the values or unit holdings etc are as at the day you enter the data.
    Running a historic performance on this does not give you the result you are looking for. It provides the historic performance necessary to get to the final position (in effect calculates what the portfolio needed to look like from a weighting point of view so that it gets to the current weighting you have inputted).
    You need to create a historic portfolio.
    To do this open up Portfolio Builder and then under the @Portfolio Content' heading on RHS of screen click just below (looks like a piece of paper with a gold star) to convert to an historic portfolio - add your actual start date of 5/1/2015.
    You also now need to tell it what the holdings / weightings were on 29/11/2016 - I assume they were different from when you started.
    If there have been changes then you actually need the holding data on each day that changes were made to the portfolio and add these to your overall portfolio history.
    This enables you to not only track the actual overall performance but also asses if changes to the portfolio were good or bad.

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