Advice for remote work if new to industry

Hi all,

I am part qualified having passed R01, R02 and R03 on my first attempt, but have never worked in the industry. I’m now looking to break into the industry but am looking to live in Germany as soon as I can until the end of 2021.

My aim is to gain experience in the industry whilst I am in Germany so I’m looking to find an employer that will train me and then lernen me work as a Paraplanner or Administrator remotely.

Is there any advice you can give? Is this a plausible plan and how am I best to go about finding this work?

Thanks very much for your help and advice in advance.


  • Firstly, kudos to you for passing those exams with no experience. They are tough for people who work in the industry, let alone a rank outsider!

    There are a number of outsourced paraplanning companies out there who would be prepared to take on someone on a freelance basis. A quick google search will yield some results, as will looking here. I'm only just at the beginning of my journey so don't have the capacity to take anyone on but ask around. I'm sure there will be someone who would be willing to help you, although be warned: your lack of experience may count against you.

    The very best of luck to you

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