J07 - Supervision in a regulated environment

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone has done J07? The firm I work for is expanding and I'm moving from an admin / paraplanning role into a Practice Manager capacity. I've not managed other people in this way before and wondered if doing J07 would be a useful way to learn about management, whilst building up CII credits too?


  • HI Becky, i'm sitting the exam next week!

    I'm in a similar position, as the business has grown I've taken on more responsibilities on the compliance and management side. The syllabus covers areas like T&C, motivational models, disciplinary processes etc and overall i think it has been a useful learning experience.

    You can download the syllabus and 2 past papers from the CII website to give you a flavour of the content.

    Best of luck.

  • I'm doing it in April 2020 to round off my SMF responsibilities. It's dry (been going to do it for the last 12 months so dipped in and out of the book) but definitely worth having moving into the practice management role. There's a Powwow about team leading too from last year, just don't listen to the Scottish woman on it ;-)

    Ask your compliance suppliers about additional training too.

    There's loads of books out there too. My favourite one was the one I was given ahem years ago called Zapp and it's about change management. Not even sure it's still still in circulation but it covers dealing with all different levels of people within an organisation. Happy to pass on my copy if you want to read it and pass it around. I'm sure it's kicking around here somewhere.

  • BeckyJBeckyJ Member

    I think I missed that Powwow Suze1969, I will definitely have a look at it. I've found the Zapp book on Amazon for less than the price of postage :)

    Have either of you found any study materials other than the CII text book? I can't see that any of the other providers do them - I guess it's not such a popular choice.

  • To be honest I've not looked, but I've done quite a bit of the book on training courses I've been sent on years ago. I worked with a national IFA so training was always available within the firm back then.

    If I find something I'll let you know.

  • ParaPParaP Member
    Hi Becky,

    I’m sitting this exam on Tuesday next week.

    I am similar to you, I joined a firm as a Paraplanner and progressed into a management role due to business growth. with no previous managerial experience.

    I have found the book interesting as I have been able to relate a lot of it to my day to day role.

  • BeckyJBeckyJ Member

    Good luck with the exam @ParaP and @Mattclegg, I hope it goes well :#
    I've found that Wizard do a study package, so if the CII text book gets too dry I can always have a look at that too.

  • Has anyone looked at AF6? Does this form part of the study for that?

  • Thanks @BeckyJ the exam was a bit of a mixed bag for me, it started well but last couple of questions were terrible for me. Just have to keep my fingers and toes crossed now.

    @T_Smith I had a look at the AF6 before deciding to attempt J07. The AF6 is covers the same areas but is at a higher level and assessed by 3 pieces of coursework. I suspect it'll involve considerably more time commitment from me. Maybe next time.

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