Client segmentation

Morning all,

We are reviewing our client segmentation, and trying to decide what we name the segments, could i ask what you call your client segments?


  • A, AA and AAA. A being transactional only (non-MiFID), Not very imaginative but we don't use them in front of clients and don't (currently) have different charging structures for them.

  • Young Accumulators
    Serious about retirement
    Glidepath into retirement
    Retirement income

    And then we sub-segment based on experience, net worth, needs e.t.c.

  • T_SmithT_Smith Member
    edited October 1

    We're currently looking at the same. I'm favoring something like yours at present @AndyRichards

    I've been looking at some of the outputs from providers on this - Royal London's looks good. I'll dig it out if anyone would like to see it.

  • NathNath Member

    Just two for us. We are called Blue Wealth so went with:

    • Blueprint (which is our full financial planning service/top tier/more complex need clients)
    • Sky Blue (which is less complex needs/young accumulator type clients)

    Charging structures different for each of them. We were going to go with something like Light/Lite Blue for second tier but didn't want it to sound like its a lighter service or seen as a negative. The Blueprint works well for us as every client on this level gets a comprehensive financial plan (we use Voyant) and we call this their 'Blueprint'.

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