Unipass for outsourced paraplanners

I need to get a quote from Prudential, but the only way it can be done is through Unipass; my client has a Chromebook which means he can't get a quote from them either.

Obviously in-house paraplanners can get Unipass with no problem, but can outsourced paraplanners have this? (How) does this work with multiple IFAs/agencies?

This is something else that I didn't even consider to be a thing when I started!!!


  • PPWowPPWow Member

    Did you manage to get around this in the end Andy? Have you spoken to Unipass?

    It's not something I've thought about either!

  • richallumrichallum Administrator

    You can get a Unipass but it must be under the adviser's FCA reference and you can only ever have one on your computer.

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    It also turns out that the only browser that you can collect it on is Internet Explorer. A bit of a paradox, for a company that issues such a security key to insist that you use a browser that has more holes than Rab C Nesbitt's string vest...

    Useful to know about the one certificate on a computer though - thanks for the heads up @richallum

  • PPWowPPWow Member

    Haha yes, Unipass seems to actually be more hassle than it's worth in the freelance world!

  • Prudential are committed to Unipass (so they told me today) so they'll be missing out on business as a result

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