Funds with currency hedging

Hi!  Does anyone know of a tool that can be used to identify funds that hedge currency?  I've tried FE Analytics and sadly it doesn't seem to offer this filter.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Thank you


  • Hi Emma,

    Go to the advanced search page on FE Analytics.

    Search the word 'hedged'

    Filter the results to the universe of your choice.

    I'm not sure that it captures all of the hedged share classes available but in the UT and OEIC universe it has returned 259 funds/share classes. Wouldn't it be lovely if FE had chosen to use the full word 'hedged' in any fund with this characteristic in order to work around the fact that it isn't included in the filter set?
    Benjamin Fabi FPFS
    Chartered Financial Planner 
  • As a subscriber to FE Analytics, you should have a Relationship Manager. Ours is extremely helpful and is my first point of contact with any issues we have with FE. He invariably comes up with a good solution swiftly and may tie in a few tips to further enhance our usage of the system.
  • Emma

    Do you want to consider funds which hedge as a matter of course (and so typically have hedged in the fund name) or are you looking for funds which may be hedged from time to time depending on managers view?

    Former easier to search for; later much more time consuming (difficult)
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