Focus Solutions Cashflow Modelling tool & Tools linking up with CP19/25

We have licences for Focus Solutions cashflow modeller and also cashcalc.

The former has good output but the factfind sections are real deep dives and time consuming and I am not actually sure it uses stochastic modelling for future returns but deterministic. Cashcalc is a good suite of tools for the price but lacks tax calcs on the cashflow side of things particularly with CP 19/25 pointing at this for cashflow modelling.

Does anyone else use these tools and have any thoughts/ideas or guidance? We are reviewing our software tools at this time.


  • I've not used Focus Solutions, but love CashCalc.

    Not only for it's cashflow but useful to use for other tings like Inc Bond gains and Tapering AA.

    I agree it lacks Tax in their cashflow but I would guess that this is something they're looking at (having recently ditched TVC because it was too time consuming and under-utilised).

  • richallumrichallum Administrator

    CashCalc is great value for all the tools it gives. We use XPlan for anything other than simple cash flows especially DB work due to the tax. I think I saw Ray say that he's looking at tax. If they add that and do it well (which I'm sure they will) I think it would be great.

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