Would anyone like a study buddy for R04? I am starting to study for this mid September. Claire


  • Hi Claire, how are you finding it so far? I've just started it and really struggling to get into it! All the DB stuff just gives me headache!

    Does anyone have any study guides/notes/ past papers they can send over? In return I can give anyone this years Redmill Advance docs for ro4 :smile:

    Thanks, Tom

  • Hi Tom,

    I've not started yet, waiting on my book arriving and then I will make a start. Do you have a date in mind for the exam?


  • Not sure yet - I know a lot of people like to book the exam and work towards it - I like to have a good idea i'll pass and then book it! I'd like it before the Christmas rush though!

    If you want, let me know your email address and i'll send over some things I have that might help you

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